2010 Mini Cooper ranks 8 of 29 small cars at affordable prices. This ranking is based on our analysis of 51 published reviews and test the Mini Cooper, and our analysis of reliability and safety.2010 MINI Cooper is very popular in the international press for its unique appearance and performance. However, its price can be an obstacle for many consumers, particularly with regard to its rear seat is very comfortable for a passenger with a suitcase. MINI Cooper are among the most recognizable cars on the road, and much loved for the beauty They, vibrant and colorful, dynamic driving. Small Size that mean Cooper is already incredibly moving – and this before considering the dynamic manipulation developed by the parent company and the engineers at BMW. The auditors were also surprised that despite the small car is surprisingly spacious – at least on the front seat.


However, despite the enormous benefits and distinctive style, which has various defects. With the base price of about $ 18,500, is one of the most expensive car in its class. It also has a very uncomfortable rear seats, to the extent that many commentators suggest that you plan to Cooper for two and can carry four in an emergency. Finally, the weight is quite small (capacity of 5.7 cubic meters), if you have to carry four people.

The Cooper S is a solid little machine. The doors have thunk “decent” and the materials used in the interior seems high quality. Nothing was too fancy, even the upgrade of leather seating is left feeling pretty basic. Have been put together fairly well, but with minimal changes or padding. Brittle plastic buttons for the stereo system were the only voice that seemed out of place in an internal implementation also solid with high quality materials. The road noise was surprisingly low suggested good design, enough noise damping material and good construction. The camera body showed no faults or weaknesses. The site Google Mini offers a virtual tour quite modern Oxford, England, where all plants are built MINI. The place is full of automated tools for spinning, welding and assembly of various meetings of the organization as well as laser measurement station which controls the car is supposed to respond to the specific measure within the width a human hair. With all the precision machines used to assemble these cars, I do not expect a lot of cars that would fail the test.

mini cooper s 2009

I was driving the Cooper S Hardtop which is only a few thousand more than the base Cooper Hardtop, but offers significant improvements in the power of 118-172. Available at approximately 22,000 dollars, the law has jumped nearly 50% of Nice with all the extras such as leather seats, iPod integration, a panoramic glass roof and full aero kit. BMW is one of the best in the industry, with a gap of prices and the plug-ins continue this tradition with the MINI brand. Regardless, contributions are owned and pleasant for those who can afford them, and by definition are optional. Not enhance or diminish the enjoyment of driving experience can best be summed up as a go-kart on steroids Zippy little.

2009 Mini Cooper is the equivalent of a car full of energy Jack Russell terrier. Certainly makes a lot of noise. Of course, it plays a little “rough at times. Well, it’s little. But when is this dog bounding toward you, yipping happily, his lips peeled back in a smile apparent, we can not help smile. This is the Mini in a few words – is the most beautiful puppy in the litter, but his exuberant personality is likely to win is over.The Mini manages to please a wide range of motorists, with its discrete trim levels. A relatively small runabout in the basic structure, even a well-ordered dynamically, Cooper is quite content playback food-getter or leap-runner. Get on the Turbo S or the new model John Cooper Works, however, and the Mini is a small sport with sports-carlike handling and acceleration. In each facility, the owners are treated to the amazing fuel economy – up to 32 mph gal handset to the base model and 29 mpg combined for both the S and John Cooper Works.


The base Mini Cooper comes with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder producing 118 horsepower and 114 Nm of torque. The Cooper S hatchback features an enhanced version of the engine, producing 172 hp and 177 Nm of torque (192 lb-ft at full speed through an overboost “function”). The John Cooper Works is equipped with a revised version of the master cylinder turbocharged 208 hp and 192 Nm of torque (206 Nm with overboost). All three come with a manual six-speed transmission that includes hill start assist, while a six-speed automatic with manual shift control is optional on some models of base and S.

It took a little mini ‘time to peel the roof of his Cooper to create the concert – in fact, already two years have passed since the redesigned model of self-generation has arrived on the market. Since then, the family Mini has matured. The Clubman has joined the ranks, and the guru of performance Mini has long been the work done on the model of John Cooper Works.

But it was worth the wait. While the new Cooper Convertible May much more even than the outgoing model with the cutesy looks new and upgraded car interiors, the most important changes have taken place below. Although simple in appearance, as they are for a total revenue of more refined.


The Mini’s diminutive frame has been updated with a cornucopia of little updates. The sandwich-style to cross the lower deck of the car are now twice as thick as they are on the tailgate, and everything is tied together by welding new triangular added strength.

Compound, these changes increase the bending stiffness by 10 percent. And while the parking lot behind a giant X-ray machine could help to see these changes, you will immediately feel their way. There is less scuttle shake, and fewer tremors felt through the steering wheel before.

That newfound power has also allowed Mini to adapt to a setup more compatible with the suspension. Even with the implementation of the Sport Package tires and 17-inch wheels, ride the Mini is much easier on the back. The factor of comfort is something that is easy to appreciate, as the wheel is exactly the place where you want to pass the time.

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